begins production of windows in 1993. In the beginning it is just the assembling of aluminum profiles, and afterwards we redirect in PVC windows.  We started the production of PVC windows with Firat and Pimapen profiles, later change to Gealan after which we start production with the very high quality Brugmann profiles. At the moment the profile systems that take over 70% share of all of our production are the German profiles – Brugmann, KBE and Rehau. As for Rehau our company is exclusive dealer for Burgas Municipality. Some of the most prestigious projects at the sea coast and inside the country are made with these profiles by Graf ltd.
Our workshop is equipped with highly productive and contemporary innovative MURAT and CMS machines.  The technical equipment is calculated to be able to handle with big volumes. We guarantee that everything starting from the production process to the very mounting of your windows will be done using only high quality materials. All of the production processes are entrusted .


Our purpose is the pre informed choice. Our clients receive not only the best product, but the most appropriate for his home, office or villa. Our first target with a new customer is the intelligent choice and the quality and correct accomplishment of our arrangements are our next priorities. Our projects, placed all over the country are the very best proof of our self-improvement in our clients’ favour.    

 Contact information
Tel.: 00359 (0)56 845 554
Fax: 00359 (0)56 843 396
Mob.: 00359 (0)887 801 408
e-mail: office@graf.bg



28, Chataldzha Str
8000, Bourgas

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Did you know?

Aluminum is more expensive than PVC. Aluminum is the most preferable choice for double glazing until the middle of the 80’s, when it held over 60% share on the market. After popularizing the P ...


Maintenance tips

Cleaning REHAU Profiles Slightly dirty frames can be cleaned with warm water and washing up liquid. Extremely dirty frames should be cleaned with REHAU’s special cleaning fluid – ask ...


Some Facts

Кой е измислил прозорците от PVC? За първи път идеята да се замени дървената рамка на прозореца с пластмасова е хрумнала на американците, и в никакъв случай не се е възприемала насериозно. Мислели с ...



За да помогнат на българските домакинства да намалят своите разходи за отопление, Европейската комисия, Международната банка за възстановяване и развитие и Агенцията за енергийна ефективност на Репуб ...