Ventilation systems

All of us spend over 90% of our lives in closed spaces. The new building materials, contemporary paints, central heating systems and high insulated windows cause changes in the environment. 
This creates a “cocktail” of polluters and toxins in the living areas: CO2, water steam from breathing, tobacco smoke, furniture and paint fumes, etc. Many of these toxins cannot be noticed, but can be removed with appropriate ventilation.

The ventilation in living areas is a must when we want to reduce the air pollution in closed spaces and to control the humidity. If the room is not ventilated there is a possibility of damp problems and the formation of mildew. As to prevent that the rooms should be supplied with maximum fresh air at minimum energy losts.
Thus we offer you ventilation system REHAU AirComfort.

REHAU AirComfort helps the fresh air flow. Unwished consequences? None! Because of the very simple physics, when the wind power grows, the mechanism shuts itself.  .

REHAU AirComfort  is hidden and cannot be noticed as it is mounted in the window sash. The simple mounting, without screws and drilling, make the system preferable and from economical point of view. 

This innovative and necessary decision is appropriate for new buildings and for refurbished ones.



  • Improve air circulation

  • Healthy climate in the room

  • Does not need special care

  • Does not disturb burglary resistance

  • High quality material EPDM

  • Sensibility at 30-40 Pa

  • Driving rain water tightness 9A according DIN EN 12208

  • Висока възухопропускливост при отворена позиция (при 600 Ра m3/h )

  • Possible addition to all of REHAU systems

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