To be finished one window according to the individual needs of our customers we offer wide range of hardware and accessories.


PVC sills- mounted on the internal part of the window. Can be white or foiled. Finishing caps in suitable colour are putted in both ends. PVC sills are resistant to common domestic cleaners, scratches and cigarette ash

 → Aluminum sills- mounted on the external part of the window. Can be white, painted or foiled. The aluminum sill can be mounted only before mounting the window, otherwise it should be mounted by alpinsts

Hardware- These are the mechanisms which are most used in the window, therefore you should make no compromise with the quality. Having that in mind when producing windows we use only approved German hardware systems SIEGENIA, ROTO and G-U. Except for the commoni tilt and turn opening we can offer you not so popular, but very functional opening types such as folding doors, lift and slide, and tilt and slide.

Folding door allows constructing very wide opening spaces with smooth and silent sash

Lift and Slide is a special system which gets more popular lately. The biggest advantage is that it allows the production of very big sliding windows.

Tilt and slide-elements convince through smoothly running sashes and ease of operation: all functions are controlled with one handle.


Manually controlled fanlight opening systems - hardware for distance opening of one or multiple sashes at bottom horizontal axis:

  • The aluminum decorative profiles give and ellegant design

  • Vertically installed rectangular, oblique angle head, round arch or segmental arch elements.

  • Controlled manually by hand lever or crank, for local or group action





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Did you know?

Aluminum is more expensive than PVC. Aluminum is the most preferable choice for double glazing until the middle of the 80’s, when it held over 60% share on the market. After popularizing the P ...


Maintenance tips

Cleaning REHAU Profiles Slightly dirty frames can be cleaned with warm water and washing up liquid. Extremely dirty frames should be cleaned with REHAU’s special cleaning fluid – ask ...


Some Facts

Кой е измислил прозорците от PVC? За първи път идеята да се замени дървената рамка на прозореца с пластмасова е хрумнала на американците, и в никакъв случай не се е възприемала насериозно. Мислели с ...



За да помогнат на българските домакинства да намалят своите разходи за отопление, Европейската комисия, Международната банка за възстановяване и развитие и Агенцията за енергийна ефективност на Репуб ...