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Aluminum is more expensive than PVC.

 Aluminum is the most preferable choice for double glazing until the middle of the 80’s, when it held over 60% share on the market. After popularizing the PVC, the sales of aluminum start falling down.  Less than 17 % is the share of aluminum profiles from 2003.  
Aluminum as a material is fire and earthquake resistant. Also it is for big temperature amplitudes.
Aluminum does not change through years. And when you want to change your windows you can sell it for around 30% of its value.
Aluminum is preferable material for interior doors because the hardware for aluminum is way cheaper than this for PVC.
The strength of this material allows complex solutions such as structural and curtain walls, roofing, conservatories and even used for making security doors, fire doors and such structures, which require greater strength. For the same reason there are systems for aluminum partitions
Material which PVC profiles are produced from has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity in comparison with aluminum profiles and that is why PVC windows retain more heat in the room compared to aluminum frames. For the same reason with PVC windows it is easier to avoid condense.
50% of heat losses of building is thoт топлозагубите на едно жилище се падат на стените, подовете и таваните и 50% на прозорците.
The U-factor or "U-value", is the overall heat transfer coefficient that describes how well a building element conducts heat or the rate of transfer of heat (in watts) through one square metre of a structure divided by the difference in temperature across the structure. The elements are commonly assemblies of many layers of components such as those that make up walls/floors/roofs etc. It measures the rate of heat transfer through a building element over a given area under standardised conditions. The usual standard is at a temperature gradient of 24 °C (75 °F), at 50% humidity with no wind[3] (a smaller U-factor is better at reducing heat transfer). It is expressed in watts per metres squared kelvin, or W/m²K. This means that the higher the U value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope. A low U value usually indicates high levels of insulation. They are useful as it is a way of predicting the composite behaviour of an entire building element rather than relying on the properties of individual materials.
U is the inverse of R with SI units of W/(m2K) and US units of BTU/(h °F ft2);

where k is the material's thermal conductivity and L is its thickness.

Sound reduction index
Window RW [dB]:
Value over 10 dB – noise reduced up to 50%,
Value over 20 dB - noise reduced up to 75%,
Value over 30 dB - noise reduced up to 87,5%,
Value over 40 dB - noise reduced up to 94,25%
Window pane is around 80% of the window and has the biggest influence for insulation characteristics of the window.  
The replacement of air with Argon leads to reduction of U-factor with 0.2 – 0.3 W/m²K, which means thermal resistance increase. The Argon in windows with good quality
The replacement of the dry air with the gas, typically argon, resulting in a reduction of the coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0,2 - 0,3 W / m² K, i.e. improving insulation. Well crafted glazed hold gas for 10 years as argon molecule is smaller than the molecule of the glass and this time is "evaporate" from the glass.
The content of the gas should remain above 90%, its effect is effective. Sealed with silicone glass is not filled with gas as argon passes through the silicon.Sound insulation increases if:
Window pane is produced with glass sheets with different width, for example 4+5mm;
Usage of glass sheets 5mm or 6 mm instead 4mm;
One of the sheets is laminated glass;
Glass sheet distance is bigger;
More chambers in the profile;
Usage of special sound insulation laminated glass sheets;

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Aluminum is more expensive than PVC. Aluminum is the most preferable choice for double glazing until the middle of the 80’s, when it held over 60% share on the market. After popularizing the P ...


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